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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Malaysian Diva Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

She have very popolar song like Jerat Percintaan, Aku Cinta Padamu,  and Cindai. I believe that everyone knows who is the singer for these songs.

A Malaysian diva, a pop idol, an accomplished Malay traditional singer, a singing queen, an icon, in short, a songstress extraordinary , like the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Saloma and Sudirman, comes into the country's music scene once in a few decades, and wows everyone, young and old with exquisite voice, songs and performances
Malaysians of this generation have seen her performances and listened to her songs for a decade and are extremely proud of her achievements, receiving awards and recognition even from the neighbouring countries of Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore.

For her contributions to the arts and culture of the state of Pahang, Siti Nurhaliza was conferred with the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) award, which carries the title of Datuk, from HRH the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah, on the 24th of October 2006.Therefore, it's "Datuk Siti Nurhaliza" from that date onwards.

She has thousands of fans not only in Malaysia but also in Indonesia, Singapore, and Brunei.

In addition, she holds the record of being the Malaysian artist with the most number of awards received since she started singing in 1995.

The Guinness Book of Records awarded to her in 2001 (for the most number of awards received by a Malaysian artiste) was for 52 awards.

However, she now has received more than double that awards figure. Surely, with more awards forthcoming, it will be a record hard to beat.

Siti Nurhaliza is the second Malaysian singer, (the first being Sudirman Haji Arshad) who had the privilege to sing at the prestigious and famed Royal Albert Hall in London.

"Siti Nurhaliza in Concert" held at the Royal Albert Hall in early April 2005; saw Siti singing 30 of her songs in the three-hour program. It was a culmination perhaps but really also a recognition and summation of her ten years of great and delightful singing presence

Siti Nurhaliza’s real singing career took off after she became the champion in the 1995 Bintang HMI ("Hiburan Minggu Ini') .Siti's first or debut album was in collaboration with Malaysia’s famous song composer, Adnan Abu Hassan, and produced by Suria Records. More than ten solo and compilation albums followed with the latest, entitled "Transkripsi", produced just before her marriage in August, 2006 ("AJL") for the first time in 1996.

That song, composed by Adnan Abu Hassan, won in two categories, the Ballad category, and the Best Song category. Siti herself bagged the Best Performer award at the AJL Awards night.

In addition, more awards and recognition followed, not only nationally but also internationally.

With success in her singing career, Siti Nurhaliza then got herself involved in business. She set up her own company which is Siti Nurhaliza Productions (M) Sdn. Bhd with activities generally in the entertainment scene.

She has two subsidiary companies, Siti Nurhaliza Collections Sdn. Bhd. and Siti Nurhaliza Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

In addition, Siti sells her own "Ctea" brand of Malaysian tea, from tea cultivated on the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah. This "Ctea" brand comes in two flavours, Geranium Special and Pandan.

Now, besides having her own products, she receives substantial income through commissions and royalties for her endorsements and as ambassadress of products.

Some of the many products she endorses include Maybelline, Pepsi, Maxis, TMNet, Konica, Jusco, Minolta, Olay Skin Care, and Samsung/
Datuk Siti Nurhaliza soft launches her beauty product at The Zon Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 16 August 2009 ago. Simply Siti (Siti Nurhaliza beauty product) officially will be launch on November 2009. Simply Siti product will be selling at Watson shop around Malaysia by end of year. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza hope Simply Siti will be selling

Monday, March 8, 2010




Let us go to Pulau Langkawi or Langkawi Island is an archipelago of 104 islands lying in the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The largest of these islands is Langkawi Island and is bigger than the Penang Island. The other islands in this group are Island of Pregnant Maiden (Pulau Dayang Bunting), Lion Island (Pulau Singa Besar) and Beras Basah Island.

Langkawi is comes from the Malay words Lang and Kawi. Lang is a brown eagle and Kawi is a local manganese stone. The ancient anglers must have seen eagles flying clutching the manganese stones! A giant monument of a brown eagle clutching the manganese stone greets all visitors to Langkawi near the Kuah Jetty.


If u comes to wonderful culture and society, which is Malaysia, you are very loss if you are not going there..

• The main tourist attractions of Langkawi Island are its virgin white sandy beaches. The beaches have very gentle continental slope and the water is clear.

• This island is unique in the sense that it has so many legend sand myths associated with it.Langkawi Island is therefore also called Pulau Lagenda or Legendary Island.


• Mahsuri..

She has laid a curse on this island for seven generations. Luckily, the period of this curse is over now and Langkawi Island is fast becoming an internationally recognised tourist destination.

• Pulau Langkawi FREE from duty zone

All goods sold in this island are exemption from government tax. Therefore, this Legendary Island is a haven for the shoppers. You only need to stay in Langkawi for a minimum of 48 hours to take back home a reasonable amount of tax-free goods.



Visitors who drive by road, they should go to Kuala Kedah and take ferry to Pulau langkawi.


The Langkawi International Airport at Padang Mat Sirat .Direct air services from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi are providing by .Malaysia Airlines on a daily basis and Air Asia five times weekly.


Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) provides comfortable and economical rail services from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar and Arau. From Alor Setar or Arau, you can take a taxi or bus to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis respectively and then proceed by ferry to Langkawi.


There are four ports of embarkation:

1. Kuala Perlis in Perlis

2. Kuala Kedah in Kedah

3. Georgetown in Penang Island

4. Satun at South Thailand.




It is also a favourite place to relax at day’s end to watch the sunset. The beach is the most popular attraction due to its beautiful sandy beach that faces a pleasant and gentle sea.


Pantai Tengah is a peaceful beach with a slightly steeper gradient and deeper water.Pantai Tengah is a pleasant piece of beach with a relatively quiet atmosphere and smaller crows


It is generally quite peaceful with the occasional fishing and tour boat sailing past.


Pantai Datai bay is only accessible or through the Andaman and the Datai Resorts and access is only for in-house guests unless you arrive by the sea.

Other Beaches in Langkawi

There are numerous other beaches (or pantai) such as Pantai Kok, Pantai Burau Bay, Pantai Yuluk Yu, Pantai Teluk Baru & Pantai Senari near Rebak Island which is used exclusively by
Rebak Island Resort Langkawi – A Taj Hotel


Pulau Tuba, Dayang Bunting, Pulau Rebak, Pulau Payar

                      PULAU PAYAR
Pulau Payai is a marine park centre in Pulau langkawi. This island have a fantastic place for diving or snorkeling. Land-lubbers who don’t want to set foot in the water can ride in boats with transparent fiberglass bottoms to watch the life below

maintaining the island’s natural splendour, preserving the environment and offering eco-tourism activities such as marine park tours and trips into the jungle.




Tuesday, February 2, 2010

'me'~the only one

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia, fellow readers!!! Hope you people have doing well and have a wonderful day. Firstly, I have no idea what should I do about my blog. Previously, I did not have any blog and I am not a blogger. This is my first blog that I have. Therefore, hopefully you people have more effort and interested to read and view my blog. This blog are special for this subject ( LIB 401-Thinking and Writing). I put myself to do this blog but this time it would have sense of education base and blend it into this blog. I hope that I can learn more about blog, many readers would interest to read my upcoming blog, and at the same time, readers would share our experience together.
Mohd Azrul bin Arifin that name had given. I would prefer people called me as Azrul.I live in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. My specific address is No 11 Lorong Makmur 4 Bandar Tun Razak Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur nearby with Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, just five minutes from there to reach my house. I was born on May 3rd, 1986 in my lovely city, Kuala Lumpur, more specifically at Klinik Leela Ratos dan Rakan-Rakan and finished all my public learning there. Currently, I am twenty-three years old.
I am an interesting, fun loving person with a good sense of humour. One thing about me that is important to know though is that at first, I come off as a very shy and snobbish individualistic person but once I get to know people and are comfortable with my environment I am great. It is difficult for me to make friends but once I make them, it is great and I am all different. I am very open-minded person. I joke, laugh, and humour people and I also get as much as I give. I am very kind, compassionate, open minded, hardworking, mature, cheerful, and friendly. I am a good listener and I like to help people especially to my friends that they have a problem; they can share and talk with me. I try my best level to hear all problems that have. I have a tough shell but on the inside, I am soft. I am also very principled person and stand strong on what is right and wrong. I am very straight and honest person. I understand and know that we all put on a show sometimes and do not show who we really are or what we feel but some people do this constantly and those kinds of people I cannot understand. I have a few personal strength that can I describe. I think that I have a good personal skill; I am willing to learn new knowledge and information. I am also a fast learner person, committed to work; I am able to work under pressure, high confident level. I can adaptable with different kinds of people, I can well organized, flexible and disciplined and I am responsibility person.
I was studying in Diploma level at University Teknologi MARA Malaysia Shah Alam. Now, I have graduated in Diploma in Food Technology on 2008. After my graduation from the University, I return to my house and worked as a Conservation Officer at ACE Synergy Insurance Berhad for ten months. My job scope is to prevent the cancellation of policy of Accident and Health insurance. Furthermore, I would like to handle customer walked-in for cancellation and help customer for any inquiries. Besides that, my job scope should call customer whether inbound call or outbound call regarding on payment of insurance. My basic salary for this job only RM1, 200.00. For me, not enough to survive in a great city, Kuala Lumpur.
Then, I make a decision to continue my bachelor degree from Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia (UiTM) in Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Interpersonal Communication. Once I worked, I think many differences between working without certificate and working with have certificate. My opinion, once I have graduated in bachelor degree level, I can get much better job and great salary because I have also experience before. Education is more important to reach a good job and proper live.
I have to say that I am not interested into politics at all. Therefore, I feel I do not deserve to speak my feel or opinion about any political issues taking place. Politics are uninteresting to me. I did not like to hear or talking about political issues previously. Actually, I am interested to know and talking about entertainment issues, current issues and trendy fashion. Furthermore, I have a lot interest or hobbies. I love to singing, dancing and playing bowling. I think I am a good dancer and I had an experienced before to participated into dancing and singing competition. In addition, I was participated into bowling tournament before. I got a good achievement on that tournament.
I have a goals and ambition that who I want to be. Maybe in the next three years, I have plan that I want to be a good student, which mean I want to get a best result and success in my study. I want to further my study maybe until I get my master level. I also have an own goal that what I want to be one day. My ambition is I want to be a lecturer. I like to teach and I like to communicate with people. I want to help our generation especially for Bumiputera people to get knowledge and to be a good person in the world. That is reason why I want to be a lecturer for one day. Besides that, I have a plan that I also want to be a consultant specifically in psychologies or motivation consultant. At the same time, I can teach and help people to communicate in proper way.
There are five peoples in my family and we are pure Malay. I have five siblings, one girl, and four brothers. My mother is a single mother. Currently, I am stay with my beloved mother. When I was two years old, my father had passed away. Once three years ago, my orders brother also had passed away. Now, my family only have five people in one big family. My family was poor since my father left our family. We remain this way for a long time. Many of my family members did not speak much English because our family spoke in purely Malay. I would consider myself a very lucky person. I still have a mother who stayed home. My mom had some responsibilities, which is she had to clean the house, cook the meals, and do the laundry. My mother’s name is Aainan bt Hj Mohd Dan. She was born on May 20th, 1945. She was born at Sabak Bernam, Selangor. My mother is old woman. She is 65 years old this year. She is full-time housewife. Before this, she is nursemaid but since she exhausted for herself, she was decided to stop from did not that job anymore. On 2003, she had heart attack, diabetes, and blood pressure. My mother to be a single mother since around 20 years ago.
My father’s name is Arifin bin Sitam. He also originated from Sabak Bernam Selangor. I am not sure when he borne. I know about my father’s background come from my mother. According from my mother story, my father are only child in his family. During him still alive, his work as a taxi driver. I never get a caring and loving from him once I was born. I miss him so much.
The best word that describes me would probably be, “tolerant”. While growing up, I learn how to respect people. My mother told me give respect to all those I met, no matter what race, religion, skin colour, appearance, or what have you a person was. Those things were not to affect my judgement in any way, shape, or form. I was to treat everyone with the same attitude equally. In my mind, I feel that world tolerance is the only path toward true peace among all nations. This is a reasons why I express it so strongly.
It is all about my feelings, my pleasures, my happiness, and me. It is all about me even when things have nothing to do with me. Any decision I make in my life or anything I do shall return some kind of happiness or pleasure back to me. It is all about me because I will not function normally any other way. I am constantly thinking how to make myself happy.